Call for Experts

Call for experts - contribute to the digital transformation

Do you want to contribute to the digital transformation in Africa?

The HUBIQUITOUS consortium is launching a CALL FOR EXPERTS with proven expertise in joint Africa-Europe Startup & Innovation Ecosystem and in areas such as AGRIFOOD, HEALTH, SMART CITIES, INDUSTRY 4.0 and GREEN ECONOMY to voluntarily participate in project activities and support African young talents, entrepreneurs and startups to turn their innovative ideas into sustainable business models.

What can you expect?

By showing your interest, you will become a member of the Hubiquitous EXPERTS BOARD and you will be invited to:  

  • Evaluate the proposals submitted under the two Hubiquitous Open Call to participate in the Acceleration Program. Check the information about the First Open Call [here].
  • Develop mentoring activities during the implementation of the 2 Acceleration Programs supporting the selected projects. 
  • Participate in Hubiquitous events and Landing Missions as Speaker, Moderator or Mentor. 
  • Connect with relevant AU-EU institutions and stakeholders
  • Take part in the liaison with other H2020 AU-EU funded projects and become a key player and witness of the digitalisation process of the African continent.

Who can become an Hubiquitous EXPERT?

Experts can be from all 27 EU countries or the United Kingdom and the 54 AU countries, must have an excellent understanding of international collaborative RTDI planning and project implementation, dissemination and exploitation strategies, appropriate target market areas and routes to those markets. 

Please note that the work is performed entirely in English, hence the experts must be able to effectively communicate and write in English.


More specifically, experts must be experienced professionals and/or entrepreneurship experts of at least five years of experience in some of the following areas, within the AGRIFOOD, HEALTH, SMART CITIES, INDUSTRY 4.0 and GREEN ECONOMY: