Call for Talents

Call for TALENTS

Call For Applications - Hubiquitous IoT Training Course

We have opened a call for applications for the Hubiquitous IoT Training Course. This course forms part of the Talent Program, which will take participants through a series of online courses, as well as bootcamps and hackathons, and which will award certificate(s) upon completion. This course will be available on an online learning platform to which selected applicants will be given access. It will also include hands-on sessions, during which participants will access resources and equipment from selected hubs. 
This call for applications is open to people in Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Egypt. 
This IoT training is designed for people willing to acquire/upgrade skills in the field of IoT.  Specifically, it is addressed to IoT hobbyist/enthusiasts, developers and engineers or people with technical backgrounds.


The Hubiquitous IoT Training Course will cover the following topics:


  • Fundamentals of IoT,
  • Introduction to Basic Electronics,
  • Development Boards and Sensors,
  • Getting started with Waziup technologies,
  • IoT Cloud platforms.


The Hubiquitous IoT Training Course will lay down the following requirements for the course:


  • An educational background in Computer Science, or similar engineering field, is preferrable
  • Basic knowledge in programming
  • Knowledge in basic electronics


The Hubiquitous IoT Training Course pursues the following objectives:

  • Provide advanced IoT knowledge,
  • Ensure mastering in the Waziup Technology Ecosystem,
  • Increase prototyping capabilities,
  • Enable the ability to use the Solution Lab and the Application Business Box
  • Enhance employability within the ecosystem