Hubiquitous’ General Meeting in Cairo

From the 19th to the 22nd of July, HUBiquitous held its third general meeting in Cairo, Egypt, hosted at KMT House by its Egyptian consortium partner “District Mazen Helmy and Partners”.
The general meeting lasted three days and it focused on the different ongoing activities within the project, with a specific focus on how to establish a major sustainable collaboration mechanism for African and European Digital Innovation.
Furthermore, the consortium met with representatives from the Egyptian branch of Orange and visited the local fablab San3a Tech.

On the first day, the partners discussed the administrative status of the project and the advancements on the derivables due in the next six months. On the same day, the project managers discussed and presented the different programs and pointed out the challenges faced during the ongoing programs.

On the second day, the Community program was presented as long as with its missions and related activities. The session also saw a discussion about the “Handbook on the African innovation ecosystem for setting up long-term collaboration” to agree on its final geographical focus.

On the final day, the partners focused on the risks related to the project and proposed mitigation measure. Moreover, they met with representatives from Orange Egypt, specifically Ayman Hassan, head of the IoT Department, and Ibrahim El Etr, PMO, Finally, the consortium visited the local fablab San3a Tech.

The general meeting restated the importance of the HUBiquitous project and its mission to foster technical and business knowledge within African Digital Innovation Hubs.