HUBiquitous welcomes two new Tanzanian hubs among its Associate DIHs

The HUBiquitous project is glad to announce that two new Tanzanian hubs joined the project as Associate DIHs. The two hubs are SUZA Innovation and Incubation Hub in Zanzibar and SUDO in Arusha.


The SUZA hub is hosted in the premises of the The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA), and is supported by a team of well trained and experienced internal and external innovation and entrepreneurship mentors including SUZA Alumni.

More information can be found here

SIDO Arusha

The Small Industry Development Organization (SIDO) was established in October 1973 as a parastatal organisation under now Ministry of Trade, Industry and Marketing (now Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment). Its objective was to develop the small industry sector in Tanzania.

Some of the best-known activities are the Industrial Estates, Technology Development Centres, Training cum Production Centres, hire purchase schemes for equipment, technology development, technology transfer through twinning arrangements and exchanges with industries in Europe and Asia, and direct marketing.

More information can be found here